Grand PrizeWinners

Our amazing Grand Prize Winners will receive a cash prize, and will become the official limited edition Melon packaging when it hits the market next spring!



I wanted to create a summer scene that you can feel with your five senses. The focus was to showcase the refreshing summer atmosphere while keeping a joyful and upbeat mood.As the packaging and label already do the job of expressing the melon flavor, I wanted to do something that can only be accomplished because of the provided large space, while indirectly expressing the melon flavor using colors like green and orange.
I like the colors and how the sky turned out.
When it was melon flavor, I knew it had to be this color palette. I like the sky because it is one of the features that depict the season. In the summer, clouds tend to be bolder and appear darker on the bottom, which was one of the things I wanted to express
I felt like the contest was a fun way to show others what I do and I was extremely delighted when I heard about my grand prize. I crammed a lot of the things I like, as well as some thought and strategy into it and I am glad that it turned out the way it did. While working, there was always some unfounded confidence within me that kept me going. The most important thing is to believe in your creation.

Sophie Shimazu


As I was drawing for this contest, I imagined what it would be like to go to a theme park on a melon planet. My favorite part of the design is the pool, which of course is filled with melon Calpico. I spent many summers in Japan drinking Calpico, and it will be a dream come true to see my design featured on bottles of my favorite nostalgic beverage. Thank you so much for the Grand Prize!

Claire Saloff-Coste


I was inspired by the colorful and upbeat Citypop/retro anime aesthetic, with a modern twist! My favorite parts are the melon polka dots in the backgrounds, and the melon slice sunglasses with a bite taken out. Product and packaging design is a dream of mine, so I'm especially proud and excited to be one of the Grand Prize winners for this Calpico contest (and I'm also a sucker for melon flavors <3)! Thank you so much!

Alexander Black

This design's deeper meaning is togetherness and positivity. How taking part in daily life can be a joy and bountiful with others. I really wanted to capture how everyone can have simplicity and happiness in their lives and how we are all connected by simple little things in this world. Just to make anyone and everyone smile to a brighter day.

2nd PlaceWinners

Our fantastic second place winners will receive a cash prize to spend on whatever they choose! Loads of surprisingly fruity, delightfully refreshing CALPICO? You bet!

3rd PlaceWinners

The beautiful designs of third place will receive a one-of-a-kind limited edition CALPICO goods set that includes CALPICO couple mugs, a CALPICO cooler bag perfect for picnics, and a 20oz steel bottle!


In a 6 week long battle, Melon flavor beat out 4 other flavors to become the next official CALPICO flavor!

To celebrate, we invited CALPICO fans in the USA to design limited edition packaging for the next CALPICO bottle! We received some amazing, unique, and fun designs. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!


Design Gallery

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We’ve created a gallery of all the beautiful and original designs for you to scroll through and enjoy below! Thank you to anyone who submitted a design!